I try to avoid political arguments, but I can no longer remain silent. The volume of false promises coming from our elected officials is alarming and that's why I'm endorsing Connor Quin for Third Grade Class President at Jessup Elementary School.

Madison Jones wants her classmates to believe that she can cut down on homework, extend recess, and force the school cafeteria to serve chicken nuggets every day. Her glittery campaign posters promise a Starbucks in the library and data charging ports in every locker, but she offers no plan to pay for them.

Madison Jones isn't being honest with the third grade. She's bad for the class and she's bad for Jessup Elementary.

Connor Quin wants to make Jessup Elementary great again. He supports more field trips and extracurricular activities. His fresh perspective makes him the clear choice for Third Grade Class President. Next Tuesday, vote Connor Quin.



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