From its earliest days, Marvel took unusual care and pride in its issue-to-issue, series-to-series continuity. Still, nobody’s perfect. Sometimes, they made mistakes and continuity errors cropped up. For those, Marvel instituted what they called a “No-Prize,” which was given to readers who not only spotted errors in continuity, but simultaneously found ways to explain them so that they retroactively were no longer errors. (Although it was started as a letter column joke, Marvel eventually began mailing out No-Prizes, which, in accordance with their names, were simply empty envelopes.)

Today we’re basically auditioning for our own No-Prizes. We’re breaking down Marvel’s just-completed WandaVision series and looking for all of the plot holes in the show — and doing our best to come up with a plausible explanation for every single one. Why doesn’t Doctor Strange show up to help Wanda if he can sense wild magic disturbances? What’s with the date on Wanda’s calendar? Why was Wanda broadcasting the show to the outside world? For the answers to these and a bunch more questions, watch below:

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