With summer coming up, you might be thinking of a little cottage in the mountains to invest in. If you don’t mind the more than half a million tourists trolling by, here’s a nice little getaway you can buy.

In the Transylvanian Mountains of Bran, Romania, is Eastern Europe’s biggest tourist attraction. This 1388 castle was the inspiration for Dracula’s castle, but, Dracula, a fictional character, based on Vlad Dracul, or Vladimir Tepes, also known as "Vlad the Impaler," never lived there, and neither did Bram Stoker, who wrote “Dracula.”

But, if you’re still interested, plan on doing some renovations for this 57-room monstrosity, unless you don’t mind that there is not one single bathroom in the castle. The guesstimated price? $57 million.

I wonder if Blue Tooth works through stone….

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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