It helps to be lucky if you're a fisherman. That was especially true for a fisherman who encountered a bear walking over a bridge headed toward him.

This was a bad situation that could have become much worse. Two fisherman on a bridge ended up unintentionally cornering a bear. The bear's bluff charge came too close for comfort.

Here's how the fisherman described the encounter:

Normally we see a lot of bears and get pretty close but they keep their distance. This was an unusual circumstance where the bear was allowed to cross the river via the bridge by two photographers on the other end. With nowhere to go we huddled up and let the bear pass as the photographers had. The bear (Jay named Half n half) crossed and gave us a little jump to assert its dominance and then continued on his/her way back down to the river to fish.

They're both fortunate that the bear was willing to settle for fish for dinner instead of them.

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