I did not expect this to have a happy ending. A viral video shows a dad who successfully pulled a live turkey out of the grill of a car and the turkey lived to tell about it (if turkeys could talk).

Here's the backstory: Heather Clark is the owner of this nice red car. She informed her dad that she hit a bird. Little did she know it was a turkey who was still very much alive. Her dad's bird removal request turned into a rescue story.

I expected the outcome to be gruesome as I have unfortunately hit many birds in my years of driving and none ended happily for the bird or my vehicle. I had one radiator that also didn't fare well as the result of a bird projectile making its way through the front grill area.

Heather's dad was able to not only get the bird out, but the turkey appeared relatively unharmed as it scurried away. I'm not sure why, but with the way that 2021 has started made this video inspiring to me. Let's face it. If a turkey that gets plowed by a red Chevy can end up OK, hopefully the rest of us can survive this new year that is off to a suspect start.

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