Since we live in Wyoming, I tend to come across a lot of bear videos and stories. There are few I've seen more inspiring than a rescued bear who had suffered from a badly broken jaw being set free again.

This is the story of a bear called "Jaws" (for obvious reasons) who was rescued after a couple learned he had a badly injured lower mouth. This is his story as told by the friendly people who got him back in shape and ready for the wild.

I don't think I've seen a bear suffering from more problems actually get healed enough to go back into the wild. According to their account, Jaws had a badly infected jaw that required two weeks of treatment before they could even operate.

After the surgery, they shared that Jaws would be OK going back to his bear life since bears eat with the teeth on the upper part of their mouth and their lips so teeth on the bottom are not absolutely necessary. I guess it's true you learn something new every day.

This couple deserves some big time kudos for their heart to help animals like this. I can only imagine how difficult it is to safely capture an injured bear not even factoring in their medical expertise in nursing him back to health.

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