If your day could use a few moments of innocence, consider this. It's a video of a man singing to a donkey that he rescued and it's not the first time it's happened.

I saw this video making the rounds this morning and decided I would do some investigative donkey reporting and find out more. This is why.

Here's some backstory shared on YouTube about what's happening here:

We have a donkey rescue farm in Ohio. Every baby gets rocked and held. My husband Dean rocked Baby Ivy each night and sings to her...We are hoping to use some of them for therapy donkeys as they get older.

I've tried to locate the exact name of this donkey rescue site, but no luck so far. I found Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in New Hampshire that also rescues donkeys and Little Long Ears in Maryland that works with miniature donkey rescues. The closest I've come to finding where this guy is located is a place called Raven Cove Farms in Ohio that does horse and mule rescues, but I'm not certain that's where this video originates.

I was around donkeys on my grandma's farm when I was little, but never knew them to behave like this one did. If I told my grandma that I wanted to cuddle one of her donkeys and sing to it, she would have laughed me out of the room.

I'll take this for what it is. A rare innocent moment in 2020.

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