A young bull moose had to be tranquilized and moved from Boyd Skinner Park in Pinedale after reports the animal had been acting aggressively towards people in the area.

The Sublette County Sheriff's Office posted the above video to their official Facebook page along with a message that read:

Today, September 30th 2019 SCSO and Wyoming Game and Fish Department responded to Boyd Skinner Park for reports of a young bull moose acting aggressively and charging citizens walking by. This time of year animals are right at the peak of mating season and bulls can be aggressive at times. While nobody was injured, this serves as a good reminder to give wildlife extra space to avoid conflicts.

Due to its aggressive behavior, the moose was tranquilized and moved out of town for everyone's safety by Game and Fish Wardens.


While most Wyomingites know not to approach our wildlife, it is worth noting that a woman was recently attacked by an elk in Estes Park, Colorado. It is always a good idea to give wildlife a wide berth.

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