Wyoming is no stranger to UFO sightings. Last Wednesday (December 23rd, 2020), Casper resident, Nathaniel Lujan, captured an interesting video of an unidentified flying object low in the night sky and posted it to his Facebook page. He captioned the video:

Ufo over Casper Wyoming or nah??? Whatcha think? 👽👽👽

After watching the short, 50-second video multiple times, I honestly have no idea what the object could be. It hovers in one spot for quite some time, with its lights getting brighter and more intense, before it moves off to the left of the screen and completely disappears.

Could it be a helicopter, a drone, a weather balloon or could it be aliens? It's really hard to tell. UFO literally means just that: an "unidentified flying object".

I spoke with Lujan who said at least ten other residents had mentioned seeing something similar in the sky since December 21st, 2020. Some even shared their equally shocking videos in the comments under Nathaniel's original post.

The flight pattern and size wouldn't suggest helicopter (like the life-flight copter at the Wyoming Medical Center). Although it has the ability to hover in a stationary location, the lights wouldn't just disappear mid-flight. Same with a drone or radio controlled flying device. At night with no lights, you'd lose it and they're not cheap to replace.

So what do you think it is? Could it be extraterrestrial in origin? Shoot us a message using that Kiss FM Mobile App and let us know what you think. Also, if you have videos of this (or any) UFO, feel free to send them to us as well.

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