Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Earlier this month, a comedian came to the University of Wyoming for a performance and had a couple of jokes at the expense of the UW mascot, Cowboy Joe. And it's almost impossible not to laugh along with the well constructed delivery of the humor behind the comedian's setup.

First, some background for those that don't know the legend of the beloved Cowboy Joe mascot. He is not a cowboy at all, he's a pony. According to UW's website, back in 1950, the Farthing Family made a generous donation of a young pony to become the mascot. Today's Cowboy Joe (V) is a 7-year old Shetland pony that's very popular with the fans and kids.

Comedian Michael Palascak delivered the hilarious show at UW earlier this month. Palascak is well known for making past appearances on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', 'Conan', and has made the top five on 'Last Comic Standing', among many others on his resume. With his UW visit, he used a well timed joke about Cowboy Joe, which is very spot on.

You can't help but laugh along with the logic of the joke delivery. A lot of people that aren't from here have no idea that Cowboy Joe, the University of Wyoming's mascot, is actually a pony. As someone who has only lived here about three years, I had no idea whatsoever until living here.

In any event, Palascak put the clip of those jokes up on his Instagram. Given that he only does that for select jokes, he obviously liked that part of his UW set. Palascak will be in Denver on May 18th at Comedy Works South and he is also a great follow on Instagram and TikTok.

Go Pokes!

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