Having lived in Wyoming now for the majority of my life, you would think things like this would stop being a shock to me, but as the old saying goes, you learn something new everyday.

Over the last few days, thanks to being shared to Twitter, a video of a horse protecting a rancher from a mother cow as he tags the calves, has begun to go viral... again. The video was initially posted to YouTube back in early 2019.

According to information gleaned from the video's caption section, a couple of ranch managers, Scott Warren and Jose Ibarra, were working on their homestead in Clinton, North Carolina on January 16th, 2019. As Jose grabbed the young and held them to the ground, their trusty steed, Stallion Red stood between him and the cows and even kicked at them as they nervously tried to get back towards their youngsters.

Scott was quoted as saying:

There are only two of us on the ranch, so we train the horses to stay between us and the cows because we can’t always be there for each other.

That's definitely a well trained animal. While we 100% understand the mama's cow concern, the cowboy's did have a job to do.

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Here's another angle of the footage that really shows the lengths that horse went through to protect that cowboy. It really makes you rethink dogs being man's best friend. All I can say is Stallion Red is one magnificent and intelligent animal.

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