He may be one of the most famous county Sheriffs in the whole United States and he's not even real.

Walt Longmire is the brainchild of Craig Johnson of Ucross, Wyoming. There are over 20 books in the franchise, a TV series and Netflix series dedicated to this legendary sheriff.

Craig tells the story of how Walt Longmire came to be a legend. What you may not know, is the book didn't happen overnight. In the video Craig is the featured speaker at the Pikes Peak Library District and tells the story.

Craig is an incredible public speaker and does such a good job of story telling...obviously, if you've read the books or seen the TV series.

In the video, Craig tells the story of how Walt came about and the process of making Walk Longmire and the county of Absaroka County came to the forefront of many fans for years to come.

The video is absolutely incredible and Craig does a great job of sharing the story. You can definitely tell he is quite the story teller. He captured the attention of every person in the room.

He tells a story of Rainier Beer and the shortage that came about due to the popularity of the Longmire franchise. When the TV show hits, Rainier Beer was mainstream and they went into overtime brewing beer.

Craig tells in the video that he's been able to make donations to charities to places like the murdered and missing indigenous women.

With over 20 books in the series and a popularity that is world-wide, Warner Brothers wanted to make a TV show around the legendary fictional character, so Craig was part of picking the character of Sheriff Walt Longmire. Thankfully, they picked the correct one with Robert Taylor.

Netflix via YouTube
Netflix via YouTube

It's absolutely amazing to watch Craig tell the story. Check out the video and watch it until the end.

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