If you've never been four-wheeling before, it is most definitely something you have to add to your bucket list. It's one of the outdoor pastimes that many Wyomingites enjoy. That being said, there are several safety precautions that should be obeyed, helmets or some other form of protective headgear being number one.

While it's not a law in the Cowboy State to wear a helmet, the short video below shows why it is for sure a good idea.

Comedian, actor and rapper, Lil Duval, shared the video to his official Instagram account on Sunday (June 28th, 2020). It shows a guy popping a wheelie after coming up a mud hill. The gentlemen accelerated a little too quickly and promptly runs into another 4-wheeler, which in turn sends him hurtling through the air. He recovers quickly (or at least appears to), but he is definitely lucky (see also: blessed), he didn't cause himself any serious harm.

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