I was driving on outer drive the other day and noticed quite a few antelope just hanging out and grazing away the day, and for some reason, I just had a split second thought about one of them just darting right in front of my car causing me to hit the poor little guy.

Then I get on the internet and see this video of a truck driver who has the miss fortune of hitting this giant moose! This video showed me that I'd be in more trouble if I hit any good-sized animal in my tiny Toyota Camry.

It's quite impressive to see this moose just get up after being hit by such a massive vehicle and even though he just wandered off into the woods I really do hope that he's ok cause at the end you do see him limping away.

Just a PSA for all of us who drive where wildlife is abundant AKA anywhere in Wyoming. Just be extra careful when you see them walking up and down the sides of the roads. You never know when one of them will get squirrely and jump in front of your car.

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