There was never any question who was in charge. A visitor to Wyoming's Sugarloaf Campground shared video of 5 majestic bull moose that went walking right by them.

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Based on the video title, this happened near the Sugarloaf Campground in Wyoming's Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. See animals this large just takes your breath away. I was afraid they'd get out of their car and they did.

I don't blame them for wanting to get a sweet video of these bull moose, but it seemed like they were a little too close for comfort. These big boys fortunately didn't seem to have any interest in the humans, but it doesn't take long for a bull moose to take a dislike to you.

If you've ever been to Sugarloaf Campground, you know this is wildlife country where humans are mere guests. I remember a picture share of another bull moose from this campground on Reddit last summer. Matter of fact, the website Campendium is full of moose sightings. That's one of the reasons why it's one of the most popular campsights in the state. FYI, there's also not much cell reception in that part of the state either.

Seeing these bull moose waltzing through the meadow and water is just another reminder that Wyoming is where they're in charge and the rest of us are just witnesses and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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