I feared I had screwed myself and that I had had my bank account drained by some unscrupulous but clever thieves with a robo-caller.

Last week I got a call that started with “Can you hear me?” and I recall saying something like “Yeah, I can hear you.” or a similar. response. I recall it because the guy launched in to some spiel that ignored me all together and left me laughing I fell for it and then I hung up. But then this morning I read an article that made me nervous;

“If A Telemarketer Or Robocall Asks “Can You Hear Me?” Just Hang Up; It’s A Scam”

It revolves around using the word “YES” as a response. They record your response and then present it as phony ‘proof’ that you agreed to purchase goods or services. If you dispute the transaction, they whip out the recording and the hassles begin.

I went online and everything seemed fine. I called to make sure and the rep said she just got a memo on the scam this morning. She said the bank makes it a practice to protect their clients from this kind of thing, but we set up some security alerts, changed my password and I felt better, but a little wiser to a world where people are not like me and would steal all they could from me if given the chance.

Since my account was okay, my final conclusion is that I must not have said “Yes.” Neither should you. either hang up or respond with “I can hear you.” Word to the wise.

Consumerist also has information on another version of this scam and hints on getting rid of robocalls, a feat I have yet to accomplish.

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