I have so much respect for wildlife photographers. I absolutely love to go through their work and see what they're getting to see in places like Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons, at least here in Wyoming. It takes a lot of skill and patience that I don't have in that particular field, so I have a lot of respect for what they can do. Especially on how they can get in position where they're safe from the wildlife but close enough to get a great shot.

One of my favorite wildlife photographers on TikTok @julia.littlelightning does a great job of getting up close, without being in danger. Her recent post on TikTok showed that she had a closer shot of a Yellowstone bear than she normally would and had to take cover in her car when the bear got close to her.

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You can check it out in this video.

How cool was that? Also, just putting this out there, that bear got out of there when a bison came in his space. I mean, tourists don't even do that. Maybe we underestimate how smart bears are. But, I digress.

It was cool to see her grab shots from her car when she was able to get a feel for the bear. She even helped her cross the road. I mean, I'm going to go ahead and say it, how cool is this photographer's life? That's them doing their job. So cool.

All in a day's work for a Yellowstone wildlife photographer.

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