All of this happened so quickly.

While ordering things online and having them dropped off on your doorstep is highly convenient, it can be risky. Have you ever heard of "porch pirates"? These are the people who steal those packages off your porch knowing that there is probably something of value in it. I believe these thieves are particularly drawn to those Amazon boxes.

It's frustrating and illegal. Just opening someone's mail is a felony so I can only imagine what the punishment is for stealing it before opening it. Needless to say, this guy is about to find out.

These videos recently surfaced on Each of them is filmed by the homeowner who caught the thief in the act. You can hear the homeowner telling him "you're done" repeatedly and notifying him that the police are on their way. He follows the car down the driveway and zooms in on the license plate.

Then karma sets in.

As the porch pirate tries to make his escaped, he backs over a snow bank. When he throws the car in reverse and floors it, he finds that he is stuck in the snow. His wheels spin out as he puts the pedal on the floor. Just before the cops arrive, you can see him trying to rock his car off of the snow.

There are ways to protect yourself from porch pirates. You can arrange for your packages to be delivered to your business or a secure location like an Amazon Locker. Arranging for a friend or family member to grab them for your is always a good idea. Investing in a doorbell camera can also serve as a form of deterrence.

Or, as in this case, just shovel your drive the next time it snows.

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