Watching this video of two hunters saving a Bull Elk I went through every emotion possible.

I laughed, I almost cried, I held my breath, and I clapped.

Two hunters came across a Bull Elk stuck in a swampy wet hole almost up to his chin.

The Elk was obviously exhausted and on its way to a slow painful death.

Like many hunters, these two gentlemen have an appreciation for animals and conversation, and so they decided to try and save the Elk.

I was totally impressed with their ingenuity and bravery as they tried to help the animal.

They used a log, a rope, and even put themselves at risk to help him out of the muck.

After all, who could blame the Elk for biting at the men as they pushed and pulled on him?

Thankfully it all ended well with the Elk finally being freed thanks to the efforts of the two hunters.

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