I'm disappointed I'm just now finding this video. I'm a big fan of watching random feats of nature in videos. I could really do it all day. That's in contrast to being there when it happens because I'm also NOT a fan of being anywhere near where a tornado hits. So, this is my sweet spot, where I don't actually have to be near the tornado, and see how cool it looks from a video someone else took.

The video is from a Tiktoker from 2020, and it's in Wyoming, but I'm not totally sure where. They didn't hashtag it or give a location, outside of it just being in "Wyoming". Either way, this video is crazy and I've probably watched it at least 10 times this morning. Maybe it's the spiral that keeps me watching, luckily, it didn't show too much damage, though, I did get some anxiety seeing it near a ranch.

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I could seriously watch tornado videos all day. Along with the Bill Paxton iconic film, Twister. I'm not really sure how close this tornado is to that ranch, thanks to how spread out Wyoming is. The twister really could be a mile or two away from the ranch, which, for the person taking the video, I'm sure they'd be happy if it were miles away as well.

The account that posted this video has a ton of nature videos attached, so it's pretty easy to fall into a video hole with the account holder. Personally, I think the tornado one is the best.


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