I could only imagine working a ranch in Wyoming. The only relevant experience I would have is working on my Grandfather's Southern Illinois farm growing up. Getting up early, collecting eggs, pulling weeds out of the bean field, picking and shucking corn. It was a lot of work, but I don't think my experience would surpass 5 out of 10 on what a Wyoming rancher does, day to day.

So, it's really nice to see ranchers having fun while they're working. What they do is very one of a kind. It's a life that we only really know from watching Yellowstone at this point. So, getting glimpses of what they do via social media platforms like TikTok, makes for some entertaining videos.

This rancher decided to have a morning meeting with his "team" to go over the calving that's coming up. The humor is pretty great for how he's interacting with the cows. Check it out.



I've probably watched this 10 or more times in the past hour. I know, working really hard. I really enjoy the banter, I can't help it. I appreciate how he informed the cows that they aren't allowed PM birthings and they need to head to the barn if there's snow. That's just a small tip of the cap to the struggles that the ranchers have with birthing calves.

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I'm hoping that he was able to get through to them. He did have some set goals and let's all hope that they were able to exceed his expectations.

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