There are times when nature can surprise us out of nowhere, even in the most snowy conditions. And when it does, it can be not only scary, but also quite beautiful. One man got to experience all of that when he got more than he bargained for in a close encounter during a trek through Yellowstone National Park.

A TikTok user was lucky enough to get the brief meeting with the bison on video as he passed him. The scene looks like something out of Game of Thrones, Beyond The Wall. However, this was not Westeros' northern border, this was Yellowstone National Park. Check out the encounter this particular TikTok user captured on video...

TikTok user Nick Lemon was the one who had the up-close encounter with the bison that looked like he was just out enjoying a walk in the snow while also playing a little bit given the snow on his face. Lemon mentioned in the comments that it was the, "longest few seconds of his life."

A few other comments also noted the bison's tail as it passed the gentleman. I'm definitely no bison expert, but according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:

You can judge a bison’s mood by watching its tail. When it hangs down and is switching naturally, the animal is usually calm. But if the tail is sticking straight up, watch out! It may be ready to charge.

That tail seems to be getting ready for something in the video, but luckily the bison seemed like he had other places to be and just went on his way.

Another comment on the video was just how magnificent it really was to see the bison so up-close. It's amazing how nature can be that beautiful even if just for a few seconds. But I guess that's what you get when you're out and about in Wyoming.

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