Who asked this guy? But really, do we want more people here? That's why it's kind of awesome here. This state went from people making jokes about it to celebrities flocking here by the fistfuls. Now, this guy is going to tell everyone else to move here. As Stephanie Tanner famously said on Full House "How Rude".

I totally get it though, I'm a transplant. My wife and I moved here for me to take this job back during the Tiger King portion of the pandemic, or March 2020. The world fell off, but moving to Wyoming and only really waiting about a month for the world to start spinning in the Cowboy State again, wasn't that bad. Especially trying to settle into a new job. So, I get it, I know why it's nice living here, but you don't have to tell the people that are super annoying and flood into western stores in town to try and look like they live in Wyoming. Come on. I'll stop ranting now. Check out the video.

The guy makes incredibly valid points for someone who doesn't live here. On paper, these reasons make sense. He even went as far as to boast about the number 1 reason being health and wellbeing. I mean, come on. Hopefully his channel isn't too popular, though, this was the second video that popped up when I typed Wyoming into the search bar on YouTube. Jokes on me, I guess.

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Either way, if you're in the camp of not wanting more people, or to see Cheyenne be the giant metropolis it was meant to be by our forefathers, I guess a little extra love isn't a bad thing.

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