What type of leader will Josh Allen become once he grows out his mustache? We use fancy futuristic technology to aid us in that prediction. (Just kidding, we only used our bad Photoshop skills) Check out our gallery.

The 2017 Pokes are now often referring to each other as their "brothers." As a leader of this bro-hood, Josh Allen has totally bought into that philosophy of team. Senior fullback, team captain and brother Drew Van Maanen will sport a sweet mohawk this season, and if any others sport that look with him, Josh makes clear he will not be one of them. The two will, however, both grow mustaches. (He mentions this in the video below at 6:30.)
Can Josh even grow facial hair? Josh's body and skill have both grown a lot lately, but a mustache may take a while. We decided to go ahead and vision what he would look like and imagine how his personality may adapt to the new look. Now that's a future NFL QB.

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