It seems like more and more retail outlets are using automated self-checkout stations as opposed to human cashiers these days.

While you can still find human cashiers in most big box stores, they are becoming more and more of a rarity as automated self-checkout becomes the norm. Judging from social media comments though, not everyone is thrilled with the trend.

Numerous memes can be found on Facebook complaining about the trend, with people either saying they should get a discount for checking themselves out or demanding a return to human cashiers on the grounds that they hate to see people lose their jobs to automation.

Retailers often argue that automated systems are fast, easy to use, and generally convenient once people get used to them.

So how do you come down on the human cashier vs. self-checkout discussion? Is self-checkout as fast and convenient as many retail outlets claim? Or do you prefer to deal with a real human being when you make a purchase?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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