Starting September 4th, a 12-week program at H.I.I.T. 30, which stands for high intensity interval training, is putting on their first ever Body Fat Loss Challenge.

The cost to join is $300, when you sign up for H.I.I.T. 30, you will receive up to 3 InBody scans at the nutrition company, H.I.I.T. 30 shirt or tank, H.I.I.T. 30 blender bottle and a 25% off coupon for a MyZone heart rate monitor. There will be prizes handed out to people that lost the most weight, first place gets a package worth $1,500, second place receives $1,000 package and third place receives a $500 package.

Also, Frontier APEX is available for elite athletes in Cheyenne to go for training. They take elements from weightlifting, plyometrics, speed, and agility to boost your performance to its highest level.  For any questions about HIIT 30 call 307-514-0126 or email  To learn more about Frontier APEX contact Director Cody San Miguel 605-988-4316 or on Frontier's Facebook.

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