The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is looking for a 25-year-old Wellington man as this week's most wanted fugitive. County Sheriff's Office

Jeffrey Donald Kent Houseman is described as standing 6'3 and weighing 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

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Houseman is wanted for a long list of drug offenses, including being a "special offender" as well as harassment, gun charges, traffic violations, and other offenses.

According to the website, Colorado law defines a "special offender" as including felony drug offenses:

  • With a large quantity of drugs,
  • As part of a pattern of criminal drug activity,
  • With a deadly weapon in your possession,
  • On school grounds,
  • By using a child to help you commit the crime.

Anyone with information on Houseman is being asked to contact the Larimer County Sheriff's Office at [916] 470-1985. Houseman should be considered dangerous and should not be approached.


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