The City of Laramie has documented West Nile virus in a mosquito sample collected last week on the western edge of city limits. The positive sample was isolated in mosquitos collected from surveillances traps monitored by the City of Laramie Mosquito Control.

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The samples were determined to be positive for WNv via PCR testing at the Wyoming State Vet Lab on Monday, July 26.

Currently, virus activity is categorized as “limited to sporadic activity in local mosquitoes and birds”. At this time, no avian, equine, or human cases have been reported in Albany County.


Wyoming Department of Health is reporting one positive mosquito pool (Albany County) and no other positive human or animal cases in Wyoming at this time, and residential surveillance sites within the city limits report low vector numbers.

Mosquito control will be continuing to fog residential neighborhoods where both vector and nuisance mosquitos are being found in adult mosquito surveillance traps. The targeted areas for fogging include parks and recreation areas, golf courses, the Laramie River Greenbelt Trail, and agricultural areas adjacent to city limits.

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