It's that time of the year again when we're all on the lookout for food trucks. Do you have a favorite food truck? I sure do. It's always nice to be at a brewery or on the Downtown Depot Plaza and have options of eating at one of the great Southeast Wyoming food trucks.

Western Vista Credit Union will host a Food Truck Rally this Friday and they're looking to kick off our summer food truck season with style...and a ton of food trucks to choose from.

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I'm pretty excited about this. It's within perfect walking distance in Downtown Cheyenne, so if you work anywhere downtown, you can pretty much walk there. They're holding it at 1920 Thomes Ave in Cheyenne. The event is kicking off at 11 AM this Friday and running until 2 PM.

Here is the list of food trucks that Western Vista announced in their Facebook event.

  • Brodelle's Barbque
  • The Munchin Moose Express
  • Silva's Travelling Grill AKA The Omelet House
  • Southern Squeeze Lemonade
  • Sweeter Things LLC
  • Tumbleweed Tacos
  • WyoPhilly Wagon Food Truck

That's a pretty solid lineup of food trucks that will be out and about at the food truck rally. Looking at this list, I don't think I've tried any of these food trucks. This is a really good group and a reason for me to make my way over there Friday for lunch. I mean, you can get a regular meal, then you can get dessert. I think they might have the perfect mix of food trucks for the occasion.

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