Fellow Wyomingites may already smell inside jokes here. I laughed, myself, at this on reddit.com, a thread of tips for someone planning a move here from New Hampshire. As always, further comment can be added in the lower right.

Bananapanda: “A close friend and I are planning a move to Wyoming. We will both be 23, skilled workers who'd be willing to go back to school in the future but are currently just looking for a little adventure and peace of mind. We're moving from New Hampshire with all our belongings, about $8k in savings and an open mind to anything. We’ve done more than our share of googling, but from 2200 miles away you can only google so many things. So I ask if you have any advice on what to expect, or tips to give - places to live, what to avoid, what we should look for and how we can make this a success. Any advice is welcome. Thanks for your time!"

Wow, you might already guess these kids are pretty smart, or just good planners. Now to the comments they inspired. Actually there were few Wyomingites to respond, but two had multiple good things to say.

Duke McGoober: “It's cold 90% of the time, but when it's hot, it's hot. The seasons are summer pre-winter, winter, post winter, and it's windy almost constantly. When it's not windy, it's still windy.

Everyone has a gun. A little Less so in places like Casper or Cheyenne, but just assume everyone is armed. (Idk what your stance is on guns so just a heads up.)

Depending on how many luxuries you want, you may want to pick more populated towns (Casper, or Cheyenne). Some small towns don't have much at all.

You're gonna want an all-wheel drive vehicle to get around all year round.

Hunting is a huge part of Wyoming's culture, so you're bound to hear about it a decent amount.

Just a few things off the top of my head for you.”

Duke's assessment isn't too bad, is it? Maybe just his hot and cold thing was overdone. It may not be that hot for someone from New Hampshire, where there is humidity, which Wyoming rarely ever has. One thing he did not overdo, however, is wind. For our state wind can not be overdone, right?

Beardasaurus_moose:  Laramie is probably the most age appropriate city, with the college and all. As a bonus, it's about an hour's drive south to Ft. Collins, just west to an OK ski resort, and east to Cheyenne. As far as climate goes, we are much more dry. So the 20 below temps here don't cut through the clothes as easily.

Mamadog5: "Coolworks.com has lots of seasonal jobs that include room and board - good way to check out a new area. I would not want to live in Gillette, Rock Springs or Evanston. I like Sheridan, Lander, & Cody. Laramie is cool, but I'm old so... Cheyenne is too much like Colorado for me. The best thing coming out of Colorado is I-25 north!"

Ha! Otherwise, at least they won't be "Greenies." "Granite Boys?" 

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