The website says they used scientific data and analyzing 51 cities with the most population, and compiled a list of worst places to live in Wyoming.  This list was compiled after using statistics from the FBI Crime StatisticsThe United States Census BureauBureau of Labor Statistics and Sperling’s Best Places, and #1 on the list of worst places to live in Wyoming is…


#1  Riverton, Wyoming, where the crime rate is the second highest in the state, and according to this website, those that reside in Riverton “have a 1 in 19 chance of being robbed every year within city limits.”  Riverton is followed by…

#2  Mills, Wyoming

#3  Wilson, Wyoming

#4  Jackson, Wyoming

#5  Arapahoe, Wyoming

#6  Evansville, Wyoming

#7  Powell, Wyoming

#8  South Greeley, Wyoming

#9  Lander, Wyoming

#10  Cheyenne, Wyoming.


From the data used from the sources listed above, came up with this list of worst places to live in Wyoming based on population density, high unemployment rates, median income figures adjusted for cost of living expenses, the high rate of housing vacancies, education and high crime.  Click here to check out their logic and list of worst places to live in Wyoming.


Roadsnacks says:

“Casper trends toward worst. Laramie trends toward better.

The best place to live in Wyoming? That would be Gillette.”


They say “You can’t measure beauty.” But the other factors from this July of 2015 release also don’t take into account the recent energy industry layoffs that increase unemployment rates and the usually higher crime that accompanies it. See what you think.


Is this a good, objective look at our towns by an outsider? Click their link to see the comments from people who actually live in Wyoming.

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