The past few times I've driven down to the Denver, some colorful architecture off the side of I-25 has grabbed my attention. The unique looking towers are very noticeable on the left side of the highway, just before drivers pass Broncos' stadium, while heading south.

Google Maps
Google Maps

For others who are also curious, the towers are actually a new part of the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, and just opened to the public in June. The installation is called Adventure Forest, and offers an interactive and immersive experience for kids to explore.

Included within Adventure Forest is a 500-foot adventure course with climbing walls, a glass bridge, a lookout point that provides panoramic views of Denver, multiple slides with rainbow prisms plus another a 70-foot slide, and a netted floor called the Spider’s Web. Hidden throughout, are secret messages that guests can decode along the way.

There are two dates this summer that Adventure Forest will be open to adults, but sadly they're both already sold out.

The exhibit cost $2.3 million to create and was the brainchild of Bonsai Design, the museum’s exhibit team and artist-in-residence Wes Sam-Bruce.

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