We all do it, especially if we can turn our mics and videos off during our virtual meetings, or some, even with the cameras on, people are savages. We all tend to do other things during virtual meetings, but what do Wyomingites do during these meetings? Zippia helped us out with this research. 

Looking around the country, it’s not too different from state to state, our noisy neighbors to the south in Colorado multitask, it doesn’t say what that multitasking is, could be doing other work, could be watching old Sponge Bob episodes or taking care of their kids. Let’s not give them too much credit here. 

Montana and Idaho love to snack during meetings, and buddy, I’m here for it. There’s no shame in my game if I’m scarfing down some Fruit Roll Ups or pie or cake. Now I’m hungry. I’m..MONTANA hungry. See what I did there? 

Some Mid-Western States decide to check emails during virtual meetings. Weird flex, but ok. I mean, if you’re that bored during the meeting, go ahead. Find out when that Amazon Prime package is hitting your doorstep, or be totally catty and talk about the person running the meeting. 

What about Wyoming? What do we do during meetings? We text. That totally makes sense. As I mentioned earlier, having your camera and mic off during virtual meetings is key for slacking off, and its wayyyy easier to pull that off if you’re not being seen. So, go ahead, tell your S/O you want pork chops for dinner, tell your coworker across the hall this could have been an email, whatever. 

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