For me, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday is that it is an excuse to eat a bunch of tasty treats. Dips, cheese, and meats of many varieties.

Recently, the site analyzed Google search data to find the most popular type of Super Bowl food in every state.

Lots of states love their various dips. Several states, including Colorado and Nebraska, are on the hunt for cocktail weenies. Nachos and several types of wings are also at the top of people's shopping lists. That brings us to Wyoming.

In the Cowboy State, the most popular Super Bowl food that people are searching for is baked hot wings. Thank goodness for that! I'll be stopping by many Super Bowl parties Sunday and I hope to fill up on lots of baked hot wings.


The oddest search comes from our friends in Iowa, where they are apparently celebrating the big game with a pot of Irish stew.

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