Assuming that college football happens, what do you think? I’m really hoping I don’t make enemies with my suggestions, and I swear I’ll be somewhat unbiased if I can(though you can’t fault me for throwing an L up for my Alma Mater, and ACC darling, The University of Louisville). With that said, I figured I’d go through the remaining Power 5 and Group of 5 schools to find out what best suits Wyoming per conference. 


I’m going to avoid saying my beloved Louisville Cardinals here and skip to Pitt. What? Pitt? Yes, Pitt. They are the perfect feel for a team that is use to competing against other teams in a mountainous atmosphere. Have you been to Pittsburgh? It’s chock full of mountains. Not to mention, that Pitt boasted an 8-5 record, they managed to miss out on an All American due to the Pandemic, but should still have similar results this year. 


Here is the first Group of 5 offering outside of the Mountain West. We’ll rip the band-aid off quickly with Cincinnati. They have a blue collar feel every year and are good. Real good, they won 11 games last year, and they had to go up against pretty good teams like Houston, Memphis and UCF. Cincinnati seems like the only fit to fill the void of a Cowboy’s heart.  

Big 12 

Ah, here we go, right in our back yard. You’ll either love a team from the Big 12, or you’ll like defense and hate them all. I would initially think West Virginia would have a Wyoming feel, but, man, they were just awful last year, and I don’t want to suggest that. I was thinking earlier that maybe Iowa State due to proximity, but I think Oklahoma St works, they’re Cowboys, plus, their head coach has a sweet mullet. 


This seems more like a wildcard, but since I held off on West Virginia in the Big 12, I’ll take a school from the state in this one. Marshall, they’re nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, and they’ll surprise people. If they were playing more non-conferences, they would slip by someone. Probably.  


For all the SEC teams that I hate(I grew up in Kentucky, so I’m not a fan of this conference just for holding that gross team from Lexington where they don’t brush their teeth, or have many) I think the best fit is Texas A&M. Jimbo is a GREAT coach and has a couple years of recruiting there now to make things happen. 

Sun Belt 

Ok, so this is the final Group of 5 and school in general I’m going to suggest. I’m going with Appalachian State. They went 13-1 and are nestled in the Appalachian Mountains in Boone North Carolina. They’ve been great for years, play fun football(some nepotism because Louisville’s coach came from there) and they’ll probably run the table on the Sun Belt.  Also, don’t you remember that recruitment video they had, Appalachian State is Hot Hot Hot, even when it’s Cold Cold Cold? 

Really, it’s up to you who to root for, for what will hopefully be a fall college football season. If you don’t like the choices, well, don’t hate me, please. 

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