Our signature tailgate dish probably isn't hard to figure out.

There's just something about football, right? Whether high school, college or professional the atmosphere is electric. I enjoy the pregame festivities almost more than the game itself.

The tailgate is where the party is at!

Fans gather around the stadium in preparation for the game. There are games, music and, of course, food. I usually find myself gravitating toward the biggest grills and the biggest pots. That's where the good stuff is.

And the best part is that every tailgate is different.

Travel Channel has put together a list of the 50 States of Tailgating to celebrate these pregame offerings. These dishes are ones that you will most likely find at a tailgate in each state. For Wyoming it's all about bison...

Bison chili to be exact.

Nothing warms you up for a cold game in Laramie more than a big, heaping bowl of chili. And that hearty bison meat will hold you over all the way through the last whistle. It's something cowboys on the range enjoyed over an open fire and now Cowboys' fans are serving it up outside of the stadium.

And the best part is that this stuff gets better and better the longer is simmers.

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