Bill Gates is 60 today. 60 years old, and what does he have to show for his life? There’s where he lives. His modest $123M home covers a mere 66,000 square feet.  All the floors are heated, and so is his driveway that leads to garages that can handle 23 cars.

His home theater can hold 20 people. His indoor/outdoor swimming pool has massive speakers in it so he and his guests can hear their favorite music under water.

As a guest, your temperature and lighting preferences adjust to your presence via a pin you are given upon arrival as you move through the home. Speakers that are hidden behind wallpaper allow music to follow you from room to room.

If you get to the library, check out the Codex Leicester, a 16-century Leonardo da Vinci manuscript that Bill bought for $30.8 million.

There are 6 kitchens around the house and 24 restrooms, of which 10 are full baths.

His wife's clothes are hung on a revolving dry cleaner-type rack stretching 42 feet.  The rare paintings hung in his home are worth $100 MILLION by themselves, those images that are not on the $80,000 worth of screen served by request from $150,000 worth of storage devices.

Bill has a favorite tree, a 40-year-old maple tree that is monitored by computer, to water it when it’s thirsty. His artificial stream has salmon and trout. The sand on Bill’s lakefront beach is imported by barge from St. Lucia in the Caribbean

If you’d like a tour, one guy paid $35,000 for look around.