Here's a disturbing fact. Wyoming was once mistaken for a North Korean labor camp.

In 2014, online conspiracy theorists began circulating pictures showing a colony of prisoners being held in northeastern Wyoming, purportedly by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

The Wyoming Detention Center was one of several so-called secret concentration camps across the country. Maps and images were leaked online detailing the abuse at the compound, which was nicknamed "Swift Luck Greens".

The hoax was exposed after researchers noticed a striking similarity between the leaked photos and images taken from a village in North Korea. It turns out that "Swift Luck Greens" was an acronym for "Left Wing Suckers".

The debunked conspiracy theory isn't the only thing Wyoming has in common with the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea.

They both hold elections, although elections in North Korea only have one name on the ballot. They have scenic mountain landscapes. And, like North Korea, some small towns in Wyoming don't have traffic lights.



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