Let's do it! Let's relive the good ol' days.

Isn't it funny how we spent so much time as kids trying to grow up? If we only knew in those moments of trying to be an adult how much we would actually miss our childhood once we got our wish. I miss being locked out of the house and left to discover new ways to entertain myself with my brothers. Yep, my mom would lock us out, without a care in the world about "safety." That's just how it was back then.

It was bliss.

I could go on and on about the food, shows, vacations, friends, etc... that I miss about being a kid, but it was in those moments, on a warm Saturday afternoon in our tiny mountain town, that I really let my imagination run wild. I think it was those moments that really molded the woman I am today. Oh how I wish I had just one more day locked out of the house.

We all have something that we miss about being a kid. Or, at least, I pray we all do. I recently asked you to name one thing you miss about being a kid at Facebook.com/MissRadioJess. I've compiled a few of the generic responses to have you vote on your favorite.

If what you miss is not on the list, feel free to vote "other" and tell us what you miss specifically in the comments.

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