This is an issue that could potentially be more polarizing at Thanksgiving dinner than talking about the 2020 election. What is your favorite Thanksgiving Pie? The website Zippia researched Google Trends and sales from November 2019 to find out how we're going to get here. Obviously the heavy hitters are Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Pecan pie and Apple, because it's America.

To determine each state’s favorite pie, we used Google Trends data for last November 2019.

Overall pie search volume skyrockets on Thanksgiving day as many cooks try and make the perfect pie, so the only way to accurately determine favorite Thanksgiving pies for 2020 would be to wait until after Thanksgiving.

Using this data we searched a number of pies for general popularity. Overall, while you can make whatever pie you want for Thanksgiving- most folks stick to seasonal favorites and leave the berry pies for summer.

Now that we know the nerdy stuff, what is the favorite around the Cowboy State? It's Pumpkin, north, south, east and west of us. Do we fall in line? Yes we do. Pumpkin Pie is awesome, that's why. You'd have to go as far as Texas to find a place with enough gull to admit there is a different kind of pie. It's very respectable, though in Pecan Pie, which, objectively, is my favorite, but I'm also from the South.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

Apple also tried to get in as an honorable mention. Does this map mean, that, maybe, Apple Pie isn't the most American pie? I mean, Apple wouldn't come in third for me in this decision, so it's something to think about.

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