If you could quit your job to pursue something that you’ve always wanted to do, what would it be?

Express.co.uk came out with an article on the top 10 jobs that we would love to do if we could quit our real jobs, and some of them might have you planning on a good retirement fund first before venturing into these “dream jobs,” which include:

  1. Start a restaurant, which sounds wonderful, until you find out that the restaurant business isn’t as easy as you might think.  Aside from having the perfect location, and original menu items to keep your customers coming back, there’s also the bookkeeping, the ordering, and don’t forget, when an employee decides not to come in to wash the dishes, guess who’s stuck behind the sink!
  2. Run a bed and breakfast in another country, you’ll still have many of the same issues listed above, along with lots of different foreign policies in running that business.
  3. Write a novel, a “novel” idea?  When was the last time you actually had TIME to read a book?  Need I say more!
  4. Own a bar, see the “not to” reasons in both #1 and 2.
  5. Be a chocolate taster.  Aside from probably packing on 50 pounds with this “dream job,” I don’t think this profession is in high demand.
  6. Travel writer.  Although this job sounds too good to be true, it probably is, especially with people “blogging” about their own travel experiences, the demands for a travel writer, probably not too big, but worth dreaming about.
  7. Photographer, with everyone having “expert” cameras and equipment these days, chances are, a photographer job goes right up there with travel writer, in the demand department.
  8. Gardner, a lovely idea, I guess if you don’t make enough money as aGardner, at least you can grow your own food so you won’t starve to death.
  9. Artist, you might have to hook up with theGardner, because chances are, you WILL be starving to death.
  10. Food critic.  O.K., sound the crickets!

Now I have to admit, I LOVE what I do for a living, but if I quit this job to pursue a “dream job,”  I think I’d like to pursue being an extra in a movie or television show, maybe do a few commercials, after all, I think I could talk up a remedy for diarrhea just as good as anybody!

If you could quit your job to pursue your dream job, what would it be, and could you make any money doing it?