I asked this question on Facebook yesterday and got an incredible response. I'm not over here saying that it's super scientific, and I'm not saying I polled all residents of Laramie County. But, I have a pretty good idea of what national chain store people would like in the Capitol City.

Obviously, I want an Aldi here. It's a great store, has affordable groceries and they have great brands that they produce themselves. But, what response did I get on Facebook? I'll be honest, some of the stores suggested, I had to Google, but now I want them. I made the ranking on how often they were suggested and how many individual likes each got, I know, real sample size work. Here is a list of the most suggested by my post.

5. Costco, Whole Foods, Best Buy and HEB 

4. Sprout's Farmer's Market

3. World Market

2. Aldi

1. Trader Joe's

Now, I'm not saying that this list is the end all be all of what we need in Cheyenne, but, we have a new mayor coming in, maybe he wants to use my un-scientific poll on what to bring to Cheyenne. This is what the people want!

In all seriousness, it's really cool to see what people are interested in, here in the Capitol City. Apparently, we don't want to drive to Fort Collins to go to Trader Joe's, so if we can get one of those in place of a bank or law office, that'd be great.

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