You remember #5, aka “Bee Heezy.” It’ll be hard to forget Brian Hill for a while after setting a school record 4,287 career yards. How high will he go in the 2017 NFL Draft?

Since late December when he announced he’ll be going pro, it’s not been very often we’ve heard Brian’s name. Between now and the last Thursday in April, though, he might come up again a time or two, after the new feature on Steelers Depot.

At 6’1” and 211 pounds, he has to look like a prototypical pro running back. On the list of good things about Hill are: “Bounces off tackles with good contact balance, blocks well, has power to keep the pile moving, great stiff arm, and gets skinny through the holes.”

Isn’t it fun to read what scouts write, after watching for ourselves for three years?

Now, however, on the profiles list of the bad about Brian: “Doesn’t offer much as a receiver, runs upright, burst to the line is average.” OUCH!

And now for Steeler Depot’s projection on Brian’s overall pick: “Late Day Two.”  Wow, that’s not until the third round. Oh well, there is worse than third. Should we hope for second, or could they be just wrong?

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