So, we’re obviously not talking about things that we normally buy, toilet paper(when in stock), deodorant, coffee or whatever. This is like the odd Google search of the state, but instead of Google, it’s collected research that tells us what we like to buy. Zippia did the heavy lifting to find out our deepest curiosities in consumerism. 

Surrounding states have some interesting things, Colorado buys Buffalo. I’ll buy into that, lot of ranches that they probably buy their buffalo for, from WYOMING! Montana on the other hand, those fine people buy a lot of precious metal waste. What are you building up there?! Idaho spends theirs on wine because potatoes would be too easy, Nebraska spends their money on bacon.  

Some other strange outliers, my old Kentucky home buys rear-view mirrors, probably because of the bad driving Hoosiers from Indiana coming down ruining things and hitting their cars(speculation), speaking of Indiana, those blood suckers really want blood! Yeah, they buy Human Blood! Gross! Also, did anyone see Hawaii buying Spam? Yeah, me neither.  

So, what surprising product does Wyoming buy the most, or at least Wyomingites? Military Apparel. That is something that would surprise no one, really. Lots of camo wore around the state, also, military bases also probably help with that, as well. Not to mention, PLENTY of hunting land here. So, yeah, we’ll take that. Way better than Indiana with the whole blood lust. 

So now we know how to spot a real Wyomingite, a cowboy hat could mean it’s an impostor, if they don’t have any military apparel on, call them out on it. Or, don’t, we can’t have people getting thrown out of bars around here. 

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