We're almost exactly a month away from Thanksgiving(sorry Halloween, we have to make our plans) so that means it's time to talk turkey...and gravy...and mashed potatoes. What is our favorite side dish for Thanksgiving? There are a lot of things that could go into this. Sometimes what region you live in heavily pressures what type of side dish is the favorite. That's a lot of analytics that I don't want to sift through, luckily, the website Zippia did that for us.

Here's the nerd stuff they looked into.

Using Google Trends, we determined what Thanksgiving side each state eats a disproportionate amount of. We examined over 20 Thanksgiving classics. From there, we determined what side is searched a disproportionately, high amount.

Ok, so they looked at the classics. Without looking, you could probably have guessed that mashed potatoes reigned supreme as the top side dish. It's easy. As long as they're not the gross soupy mashed potatoes.

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Taking a look around the Cowboy State, only one state bordering us chose mashed potatoes. That would of course be Colorado because they're basic. Nebraska and Utah are all about the carbs, choosing crescent roll and roll respectively. Montana pushed all their chips in the middle with just turkey gravy. Idaho didn't want to be stereotypical so they didn't choose any potato form and went with a side salad.

What about Wyoming? What side dish do we love? We're too rugged and tough for mashed potatoes, we want a full-on baked potato. That's our favorite Thanksgiving side dish. That's pretty respectable.

What do you think? What's your favorite?

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