Another weekend down, and all I have to say, are we blowing through spooky season too fast? Maybe. I'm going to have to spend more time watching spooky movies. There are also a lot of spooky season and fall events going on this weekend, so you can still get into the spooky season spirit.

Ghost Fright-Seeing Tours

If you haven't done this before, it's incredible. You get a nice, long haunted tour of Cheyenne. When you think about it, Cheyenne has so much western history that there are probably a lot of active areas throughout the Capitol City.

Scotty Austin With Free Beer At Terry Bison Ranch

You read that right, they're going to be giving away free beer for the Scotty Austin show Saturday at Terry Bison Ranch. Scotty Austin is the former lead singer of the band Saving Abel.

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Cheyenne Restaurant Week

Tons of specials at select restaurants all week and extending into this weekend. Every wanted to try one of the many locations on the list? Why not check them out this weekend with their specials.

Downtown Spooky Specials

Along with Restaurant Week this weekend, Downtown Cheyenne is hosting some spooky specials at different shops in the Downtown area. Maybe you want to get a jump on Christmas with some locally made goods? This could be your time to shine.

Cheyenne Cruise Nights

Get ready for another Saturday night of the cruisers driving around and raising money for an organization in need. This week, they're raising money for the Depot Museum and that's a very deserving organization. Just look at all the things they put on throughout the year. Let's help them out!

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