We made it, it’s been a long strange trip from March at the first major bump in the road of what 2020 would turn into, but at least we can slowly feel ourselves breaking away with some normalcy. This weekend is typically the last weekend of summer in most of our minds, or at least the last bit we can squeeze out of it for a three day weekend. So, what’s going on this weekend? 

Frontier Fun Food Festival 

I’ve talked about this quite a bit since it was announced just last week, but this should be a great time. Tons of food, socially distanced and ready to go! Grab a turkey leg or two and go nuts! You can find out all the details here. 

Monster Truck Entertainment  

That’s right, there’s an actual event going on this weekend! Are you kidding me? A place we can go and watch something live and be entertained? Sign me up! I want to see all the cars get crushed! It’s pretty affordable with tickets still available. You can find out more info here. 

The Corgi Derby 

What a great way to celebrate the Kentucky Derby...with Corgis! Yeah, you can watch the Corgis show their stuff and help out a great cause. If you’re wanting to sit at Millionaire's Row, that’s a mere 30 dollars, you’ll get a shaded seat, Bloody Mary Bar and a meet and greet with the Corgis. Doesn’t get much better than that. It’s also happening at Pine Bluffs Distilling. You can find out more info here. 

If you’re STILL needing more to do, make sure you check in with Visit Cheyenne, they always are in on the know on what’s going on. You can check out their details here

I’m sold, let’s make this most of a long weekend and give well wishes to a Summer that was sadly forced into the worst year ever. 

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