We’ve seen the Canadian tourists tromping on Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone. Another Canadian tourist tried to rescue a bison calf and that resulted in the animal being put down because it was not accepted back into the herd and it was causing problems with traffic. Tourists from near and far frequently take selfies with the animals and most are lucky to be alive.

Unfortunately, the stupidity of humans usually results in death for the animals. As is fresh from the headlines, in the Cincinnati Zoo, a human child fell into the exhibit (how does that happen…. Mom!?) with a 400 lb Silverback Gorilla and while the ape looked to me to be taking better care of the child than his own mother, it was the gorilla that was shot and killed.

This lethal humans/animals interaction we have needs some serious looking into. It keeps happening. County 10 reported:

“a family showed up to a bait and tackle shop near Shoshoni with a baby antelope in their car. A source said the family traveling through stopped at the shop asking for help reaching Wyoming Game & Fish. The source tells County 10 that the family picked up the baby because they were afraid it was going to get hit by a car.”

They added:

“it is unknown where the family was from, but the source did say the vehicle had Wyoming plates. Seeing the Wyoming plates was "like salt in the wound."

I believe we are stewards of this planet and it is our responsibility to save these animals from us. Yellowstone is already well posted as to leaving plenty of room between people and animals. Maybe it’s time for stiffer penalties on money and jail time. Maybe it’s time to go old school and bring back the stocks and ducking chair to put people on public display at the entrances to show this is serious business. Let visitors know we will not stand for bad behavior, even with the best of intentions.

It has to stop.

Audrey Makemson via YouTube