We all knew this was coming. The internet is a great place to decide what you want to be for Halloween, if you're dressing up this year. The options are endless, you can be Hipster and go for obscure references that well get you a "well done my friend" and an elbow bump, or you can be something funny that everyone will give you great props for, and there is nothing wrong with a classic. So what specifically weirdly popular costume are Wyomingites going for? I mean, you don't want to show up at the same party as Johnny from Cobra Kai.

Zippia made a list of the most weirdly popular costumes across the country, and they do not disappoint.

We turned to Google Trends to find what costume searches were trending. We looked at over 100 costumes, using keywords paired with “costumes.” Good chance if you’re googling “Wizard Of Oz” costume in October, you’re planning a Wizard of Oz Halloween costume.

While some are popular favorites all-around(The all-too common pirates, witches, princesses, and superheroes), we also examined more trendy costumes such as Tiger King, Cobra Kai, the trendy video game Among Us, and others. From there, we identified what costume was trending really high in each state.

This doesn’t mean, for example, that in Missouri the majority of folks will dress up as a Fly (although that sounds awesome). It just means that Fly costumes are far more popular there than most other states.

Around the Cowboy State, we have some interesting costumes to say the least. Colorado is dressing up like Hamilton, so don't even consider being King George, because I call dibs and you know there will be some Arron Burrs crossing the border. Utah will dress up as that...lady Carole Baskin. Idaho will be filled with Plague Doctors, Montana is Batman and Nebraska is reliving their glory days when they had a good football team with a cheerleader leading the way.

What about the Cowboy State? Apparently, every trick or treater, bar fly, and pub crawler will be dressed as a pirate. In a landlocked state...OK. I won't hate on all the Johnny Depps. Are you going to batten down the hatches for Halloween?


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