Over the weekend, I had a heated argument over what I would name a restaurant... If I owned one. The conversation started after I made one of the most amazing plates of elk hamburgers that I have made in awhile. I was told, "KC you should open a burger joint." It was soon after that, we proceeded to debate what I would name my restaurant. Well, being that it is National Burger Day today, I felt I would share.

Some of the best included:

- Grade A Roadkill

- Greasies

and my favorite

- The Gut Bomb

What would you name a local burger joint? Or even just a restaurant in general?

I have always wanted to open up a food truck that derves just food on sticks. Corndogs, Fudgecicles and vikings. It would simply be called ...ON A STICK.

A burger restaurant in Waco, Texas is catching a lot of flak for their decision to name their place something controversial.

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